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Are you catering a party with Vegan guests? You've come to the right place, India being the most populous Vegetarian country with a plethora of Vegan dishes. I love to create authentic tasty Vegan Indian Dishes, including North and South Indian specialties that impress even the most traditional Brahmin - you have to taste my Sambar. 

The Vegan dishes I love to make for you include Dhal such as South Indian Spinach and Dhal Curry, Sambar, Rasam (lemon or tomato), Poriyals, Kerala Vegetable Stew and more

Each of these Vegan Indian dishes are unique in their own way and it is quite hard to choose a favourite as they are one of their kind. I was fortunate enough to grow up experiencing these culinary delights right from people who cooked these dishes in their homes to eating them in restaurants that specialised in them. 

Hara Bhara Kebab

Beetroot Poriyal

Aloo Gobi

Hara Bhara Kebabs are healthy and delicious pan-fried patties made with spinach, green peas and potatoes and infused with aromatic spices. 

A truly vegan snack. Served with hot and sweet sauce. 

Poriyal is the Tamil word for a sauteed vegetable dish. 

Beetroot Poriyal is a simple nutritional vegetable dish where cooked beetroot is sauteed with spices & garnished with grated coconut.

One of the most popular and well known Indian Vegan dishes, Aloo Gobi is healthy and very tasty. 

Aloo Gobi translates to potatoes (Aloo) and cauliflower (Gobi). The potato and cauliflower is stir fried with Indian spices.

Vegan Indian Menu options

 Are you planning to host a party with a Vegan Indian menu?

We can help you impress your guests with the most authentic 

 dishes which have left indelible marks on my tastebuds which helps me bring those flavours to you. 

I'd love to share these authentic dishes from home with you and your guests. 

For $19 a head you can choose

1 vegan starter, 2 vegan mains, 1 rice,

complimentary pappadums, raita and mango pickle.

To add on extra non veg dishes for $3 per head, or $2 a head for each extra vegetarian or vegan dish. 

If you'd like to order dishes in bulk or you'd like to discuss a custom dish or menu please call me (Kayden) on 0431 938 939

Vegan Starters

Hara Bhara Kebab 

Channa Sundal 

Masala Peanuts 

Masala Vadai

Vegetarian Sides

Kerala Potato Fry

Beetroot Poriyal

Bitter Gourd Thokku 

Khatte Baingan Eggplant  

Kerala Pumpkin Pachadi

Carrot and Beans Poriyal

Cabbage Poriyal 

Beetroot Poriyal 

Beans Poriyal  

Vegetarian Mains
Paneer Ghee Roast
Palak Paneer
Kadai Paneer 
Paneer Butter Masala
Channa Masala 
Aloo Gobi  
Vegetable Korma
Lemon Rasam  
Tomato Rasam 
Kerala Vegetable Stew 
Kerala Cheriya Ulli Sambar
Spinach and Dhal Curry


Mango Chutney

South Indian Coconut Rice 

Ghee Rice

Cumin Rice 

Anglo Indian Coconut Rice  

Premium Steamed Basmati Rice  


Vegan Raita

Idlis ($1.50 per piece)

Roti by request 

More catering options

If you'd like to see other menu options including Anglo Indian, North Indian, Kerala, Mangalore and more click here.

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What our customers say about the food


Best Indian food I’ve ever had in my life. The flavours are amazing, I look forward to ordering again. - Shau 

There is no comparison with your food!! Butter chicken is wonderful, and I loved the veggie dish this week. - Shane 

Hats off to Khushee again - this lamb vindaloo is magnificent. My belly feels very smug right now. - Kellie 

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