A weekend in Pondicherry; eat, stay, see

Pondicherry is the "French" part of India. It was one of my favourite weekend getaways from Bangalore when I lived there. 


Pondicherry is gorgeous. There are a few streets that look European (to me, but I’m Australian, so definitely not an authority on what looks European) with cobblestone/paved roads and the architecture. The “French” part of Pondicherry (also known as Puducherry) is called White Town. There are several streets in this area called “Rue” instead of street and you can see the signs on the walls of these streets.


Croissants and Cobblestones

I just loved this street in Pondicherry. The first time I visited Pondi, I was yet to visit Europe, and I was excited to see the cobblestone streets around White Town. 

The overhanging trees add to the experience of and create some shade and respite from the hot sun. 

You can see I'm trying to maximise my French experience with a freshly cooked Croissant in my hand! 

government building architecture Pondicherry

Unique Architecture

I’m not sure what this building is, but it’s quite cool looking, indicating the French and colonial past of Pondicherry. 

It looks like a government building to me.  

Seafront Balcony - Stay in Pondicherry

This view is very much iconic of Pondicherry. 

You can see a white Ambassador car (or Ambi as they are affectionately called in India) driving along the road; these cars are becoming less and less common in India, but you will still find government officials being driven in them in some areas. 

You can also rent Ambi's as taxis in some cities, look out though as they often don't have air conditioning, and you may melt in the heat if you decide to hire one for fun. 

The beachfront view from the balcony with the sea breeze is a beautiful and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of other cities in India. 

If you decide to stay in Pondicherry, you may wish to consider getting a hotel along the beachfront so you can take advantage of this view. 

I would personally recommend the Promenade Hotel for the most luxurious option along the beach front https://www.promenadepondicherry.com/rooms.html 

Another option which is also lovely for those on a more modest budget is Cours Chabrol http://www.courschabrol.com

European Influence in Pondicherry

This is one of my favourite pics from Pondi.

 I love the green of the trees, 

the European touch of the bicycles lined up and the columns of the verandah. 

(Plus the unmistakably Indian 3 wheeler vehicle in the background :) )

Eating in Pondicherry

It's quite understandable that you would be interested to try the French influenced dishes when you are in Pondicherry, and this is possible. 

I would however hesitate if you have been to France and are expecting French quality dishes. You will find adequate versions of classic dishes like Coq au van on the menu of many menu's, but don't be expecting European fine dining. 

The local food however, such as the seafood is excellent. If you want to try something local and authentic, any of the local crab and fish dishes will be great. 

Check out the face on Kayden eating crab when we travelled to Pondi on one of our first weekends away together. 

You can also try the French style bakery called Baker Street https://www.baker-street.co.in/ which is where I got the croissant in the picture at the top. They are also well known for freshly baked bread, cakes, macarons, baguettes and chocolates. 

Khushee in Melbourne

Since we left India and moved to Melbourne we missed India so much and food made us feel a little bit at home.

Kayden has quite a knack for flavours so he decided to launch Khushee Indian Food. 

To read more about why we started Khushee click here https://khushee.com.au/pages/about 

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