Where Did Chicken 65 get its name?

You may have seen Chicken 65 on the Tamil Nadu menu and wondered, where did the name Chicken 65 originate?

There are many misconceptions about where chicken 65 got its name including the following

  • The chicken must be cut into 65 pieces
  • There are 65 ingredients used to create the Chicken 65
  • There are 65 chickens used in the Chicken 65
  • The Chicken is marinated for 65 days
  • There are 65 chillies used in Chicken 65
  • Chicken 65 is the 65th dish on the menu of Buhari’s restaurant. Soldiers who read the menu couldn’t pronounce the real name of the dish so just said the number next to the dish
  • Chicken 65 is made from 65 day old chickens

When we were recently in Chennai we visited the home ofChicken 65, Buhari’s restaurant to get the answer about why it's called Chicken 65, and some other secret dishes that are on their menu too. 

Watch this video to hear the realreason why it is called Chicken 65. 

TLDR: The real reason that it is called Chicken 65 is because it was created in 1965. 

Buhari’s the restaurant that created Chicken 65, have also created several other dishes based on the year they were created such as Chicken 90, which has the same flavours as Chicken 65, but is a boneless Chicken dish.

Check out our Tamil Nadu menu to order chicken 65 and tell us what you think!

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