About Khushee

Khushee is about taking all of you on an exciting culinary journey not only through different regions of India that I have been fortunate enough to experience, but also share with you food from my Anglo-Indian back ground while broadening everyone’s horizon on how vast and amazing Indian Cuisine is. 
Many of you who know me also know that I am very passionate about food and my love for cooking and sharing these culinary delights and their story wherever there is one. 
 When visiting a new area I like to seek out the most authentic food and experiences connecting with locals. I got to experience the real authentic food where we went and ate off the beaten track. 
A field trip I went on in Uni stands out in my mind for the fun, connections and good food. We reached Yercaud in Tamil Nadu and after being divided into groups of 6 members, We were assigned a remote village to do our field study in where we had to hike up the mountain side and go over the other side as it’s inaccessible, the only light in the village was one light on a lamp post in the centre of the village. We met the locals who made snacks and cooked us the most amazing meal with country chicken, a simple lentil curry and stir fried cabbage with steamed rice cooked over a woodfire. Food cooked over a woodfire has the most amazing aroma and flavour. 
I discovered the tastiest fish curry ever made accompanied with Idlis and a Masala Vada and a whole array of other Breakfast items through the boys that used to work as loaders and valets in Kingfisher airlines in the airport carpark. An Old lady and her daughter waited for her two sons to show up with the packed bags on a moped to sell honest good food cooked at home. We all ate to our hearts content while standing and holding our plates, once finished everyone walked away with a smile having eaten a hearty breakfast. That's where the name Khushee comes from, food that puts a smile on your face. "Full Khushee" is like saying "Total Happiness". 
After moving to Australia, I have been fortunate enough to spread that love and knowledge of food with a lot of my friends both old and new, my oz family and my colleagues. While I have been eager to start a new chapter I had to start from scratch, get my “Dream Kitchen” while getting used to using ingredients and produce that this great southern land has to offer while also sourcing Ingredients from my motherland through Indian grocery stores.
I met my wife Kristen in India in 2012 where she had been working as a science teacher since 2008. We bonded over a shared love of experiencing Vibrant Indian food and culture that we found from street food stalls during the month of Ramadan, to a hole in the wall Dosa joint at the City Market in Bangalore.
One of our first trips was to Pondicherry a French colony in South India, here I am thoroughly enjoying a beautiful crab dish. 
Our best memories of our honeymoon in Koh Samui Thailand is trying all the local food joints.
We discovered BBQ hotpot through one of my friends who had befriended locals and I was so inspired by this style of Thai food that I bought a hot pot to take home. 
Now, whenever we go to a new place we have a list of local food places and dishes to try out and our kids join us too! Here we are at a famous egg noodle stall in Bangkok .