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Curated Bundle Anglo Indian (GF)

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This pack is created by us for you. Our recommended dishes from this week's menu fully complement each other. 

This week the Curated Bundle includes 4 mains Beef Meat Ball Curry, Beef Masala Chops, Country Captain Chicken Curry, and Beetroot Poriyal accompanied by 2 Anglo-Indian Coconut rice, papadum, raita and devil chutney. 

The perfect size meal for you and your family. 

Beef Meatball Kofta Curry
This is an Anglo-Indian Favourite Dish. Meat balls made from Beef cooked in a gravy sauce. Its Origins are believed to be from the early Dutch settlers who introduced forced meat balls in India. Another famous name for this curry was “Bad Word Curry”. This delicious dish is served with coconut rice and devil chutney as a combo on many special occasions or in my case “Mum’s Special Sunday Lunch”.

Beef Masala Chops 

A Traditional Anglo-Indian dish. Don't let the name confuse you, these are not chops with bones we find in Australia. Instead, tender pieces of boneless sliced beef are marinated with ginger-garlic paste, spices, and vinegar. The meat is then slow cooked until tender, and finally stir-fried with onions.

Country Captain Chicken Curry
Country Captain Chicken is a popular chicken curry owing its root to the British Raj period, a fusion of Indian and British food developed by the Indian cooks to suit the taste of the British officers, which was later carried forward by the Anglo-Indian families.
A Clever use of Cinnamon Powder with other Indian spices to create an aromatic chicken curry.  Legend has it that this curry was created by a grandmother for her youngest grandson, when he returned from the war hence giving the name, Grandma’s country chicken. The other story is that one of the Marma/Burmese Cooks (formerly known as Moghs) cooked this dish using waterfowls/ducks on a river boat steamer that plied between Bengal and parts of Burma.

Beetroot Poriyal (Thoran) (Vegan)
A simple South Indian Stir fry, Beetroot Poriyal is a combination of Beetroot sauteed and topped with grated coconut (Plus my personal twist/secret ingredient). It comes from the Portuguese word refogado. In south India it is called Poriyal or Thoran.

Anglo-Indian Coconut Rice (Vegan)
Basmati rice is cooked in coconut milk flavoured with turmeric and aromatic spices.

Devil Chutney (Vegan)
A fiery red chutney made with Onions and Red Chilies with a sweet tangy flavour from Raisins and lime juice.

Raita is a delicious Indian side made with chopped cucumber, chopped ginger & whisked yoghurt which helps to reduce the spiciness of dishes.

A thin crispy lentil "chip" or wafer from India which is eaten as a crunchy savoury side to accompany a main dish.