Valentine's Day Dinner

We've curated a special romantic Indian sharing menu for you to surprise your partner, 

from all our most popular dishes suited to sharing.

You will receive a generous meal for 2 hungry adults. 


Malai Chicken Kebab 

Malai Chicken Kebabs are also known as Reshmi Kebabs. These kebabs belong to Mughlai cuisine and are made with cheese, cream, thick yogurt and spices. They just melt in mouth and taste delicious.

Butter Chicken

Our most popular dish, delicately smoked marinated chicken is oven cooked while basting with butter & then tossed in a tomato, cashew & cream sauce with balanced flavours of spicy, tangy & sweetness from natural honey complimenting each other interlaced with hints of smokiness coming through.

Lamb Vindaloo 

Tender pieces of lamb Marinated overnight in Red wine vinegar; ginger & garlic paste & spices is slow cooked to create a yummy spicy tangy sauce.

Vegetable Korma 

Vegetable korma is immensely popular due to its unique aroma & taste. This veg curry is cooked with a mixture of vegetables, spices, coconut, poppy seeds and herbs.

Your 4 main dishes are served with

2 cumin rice, papadums, raita and mango pickle.