Butter Chicken Frozen G.F (Contains Cashew Nuts) - Khushee Indian Food

Butter Chicken (GF) [Contains Nuts] (Frozen)

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Butter chicken, traditionally known as Murgh (Chicken) Makhani (Butter), is an Indian dish made with marinated & delicately smoked oven cooked chicken.
Basted with butter to enhance its beautifully rich flavour, i
t is then tossed in a spiced tomato, cashew, cream & butter sauce with a hint of natural honey. 
The result is delicious balanced flavours of spicy, tangy & sweetness complimenting each other interlaced with hints of smokiness coming through.

Frozen for you to heat for lunch in the office, or an easy dinner.  

  • 550 Grams
  • Serves 2 Adults